Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So I finally arrived in Europe yesterday morning "Europe time" in Germany for a layover than left for Italy! The 1 and a half hour flight didn't seem that bad compared to 8 hours. We go to Italy changed currency and got a ride to outlet hotel. We were put in a room and were informed that we had the most beautiful room. Until getting to our room I believed they were just trying to sell it but when we can in I noticed that we had two stories, a great view of the street and one of two balconies. Today we visited the Coliseum (among other things) which was a trip in its self. So far our trip is going perfect and I may even plan on buying a souvenir or two or some clothes.

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  1. Great pictures, Lizzie! The Coliseum looks fascinating--maybe one day I'll get to see it too!