Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So I finally arrived in Europe yesterday morning "Europe time" in Germany for a layover than left for Italy! The 1 and a half hour flight didn't seem that bad compared to 8 hours. We go to Italy changed currency and got a ride to outlet hotel. We were put in a room and were informed that we had the most beautiful room. Until getting to our room I believed they were just trying to sell it but when we can in I noticed that we had two stories, a great view of the street and one of two balconies. Today we visited the Coliseum (among other things) which was a trip in its self. So far our trip is going perfect and I may even plan on buying a souvenir or two or some clothes.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I haven't posted anything in a while so I decided to do some recommendations for books, movies and music so here it is.

There are so many great books that I have read over the years, being one of the kids who got in trouble for staying up too late with a good book, but I will try to narrow them down to my top 10 favorites.
  • Eragon- it has come to my attention that there is a common misconception that this series is for 10 year old boys; however, I recently read the first book and it was so much better than I thought it was going to be and exceeded my expectations set by the book.

  • Maximum Ride- Any James Patterson book is worth reading but this series is page turning and will be coming out as amovie soon so read it first

  • Witch and Wizard- Another great James Patterson book

  • Harry Potter- I know, I know you've seen all the movies and reading them would just be repetitions, but they are such well written books that it would be like a whole new story      

  • Uglies- I haven't read this book my self but my sister couldn't put it down

  • Stargirl- pretty much a great book for anyone older than 9

  • Walk Two Moons

  • The Pricess Diary series-much better than the movies and a lot different story too

  • The Last Unicorn

  • Pretty Little Liars- also much better than made out by any producer

I always sit down ready to watch a movie and I can never think of a good movie I have been wanting to watch so hopefully this list might help you the next time you have this problem

  • The Princess Bride- one of my all time favorite movies
  • Big
  • The Gladiator
  • Back to the Future
  • Pirates of the Carribean
  • Sound of Music
  • Spirited Away
  • Howls Moving Castle
  • the matrix

lastly music

  • Lana Del Rey
  • The Black Keys
  • Female Robbery
  • Bastille
  • McLusky
  • Matchbox Twenty
  • Tommy Sparks
  • Birdy

so I hope you all enjoy listening/reading/and watching. feel free to add on in the comments and give me your opinions on these let me know how you think I did. thanks for reading.   

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Europe scams

So as a lot of my friends and family know I am going to Europe with my parents and sister. In preparation we have been looking up some of the customs and we are remembering the likelihood of being scammed or pick pocketed as we are going to what the locals would believe to be a tourist trap. We run across some sob stories while looking for advice. There are multiple stories of "The Stringmen" who will practically attack you by putting a bracelet on your wrist and making you pay. After these stories I am no longer bringing a backpack but rather a purse that I may cling on to for my life. Advice?

Kittens Samone and Nala (fosters)

When we got Samone and Nala they were only about a month old. ( Samone: black, Nala: Tabby)

8th grade dance

Lucy (foster)

Snow (foster)

Gloria (FOH)

Storm (FOH)

First post

As my first post I decided to talk about what my blog is about. This is going to be my personal blog so I will be blogging about my personal experiences. I am a freshman in Colorado, I play club volleyball, horseback riding, volunteer at a rescue and adoption barn (Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption) and I foster puppies, kittens, dogs and cats for the Denver Dumb Friends League. I will be blogging a lot about the animals I foster and those at FOH, the trips I take and places I go, advice I find useful such as Pinterest finds and occasional Tumblr posts, friends and my experiences. I am hoping for this to mainly be a blog for my friends and family although anyone  is welcome and so is any feedback. Enjoy :)