Thursday, July 4, 2013

Europe scams

So as a lot of my friends and family know I am going to Europe with my parents and sister. In preparation we have been looking up some of the customs and we are remembering the likelihood of being scammed or pick pocketed as we are going to what the locals would believe to be a tourist trap. We run across some sob stories while looking for advice. There are multiple stories of "The Stringmen" who will practically attack you by putting a bracelet on your wrist and making you pay. After these stories I am no longer bringing a backpack but rather a purse that I may cling on to for my life. Advice?


  1. Don't worry too much about being scammed--I've found it to be very much like any kind of traveling. Keep your eyes and ears open and be alert to your surroundings. A cross-body purse (if you can stand to wear one; I can't!) is a wise choice. I like a bag with shortish straps that I can put on my shoulder and hold onto with my elbow. Just use the same good sense you'd use at home!

  2. Well, I haven't ever traveled Europe but I have traveled a bit and I think as long as you are aware of your surroundings and belongings you'll be fine. One piece of advice I'll give is to make notes at the end of each day. The time goes by so fast and you are going to be seeing and doing so much you'll be grateful to have reminders of the little things and especially the personal experiences. Have fun on your trip and I hope to read about some of your adventures here!